Garden of Rooms – Case Study

The Challenge

This garden was a modern challenge; a beautiful new build house with close proximity to a neighbour and a neat budget. Our client commissioned our expertise to create more privacy whilst complimenting their home.

The Solution

Our client focused on a central element of our design concepts, that offered concealed and intimate divisions to the space. With two exits from the house, Artisan Gardeners were able to emulate a courtyard effect, reflecting the Provençal influence of current styling and tastes.

How we did it…

  • Design 25%
  • Landscaping 25%
  • Planting 48%
  • Aftercare 2%

Description of work

Artisan Gardeners created the chance to screen views with a bold long pergola, stretching the length of the garden, and created areas either side of a t-shaped gable end, styled as intimate courtyards. Architectural features also include gently curved walls and Canterbury paving to draw attention away from the skyline, leading the eye around different places.

Installed by: Lucie Tait of The Artisan Gardeners, Henry Ponsford & Raymond Jeffory 

The Results:

The final result is a family friendly garden, which is intriguing and enables time and space to reflect.

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