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Garden design & consultation services in Northamptonshire
& at The Heart of the Shires shopping village.

The Artisan Gardeners is the vision of David and Lucie Tait, offering a tailored and bespoke garden design service, as well as selling a vast range of perennial garden and house plants, cut flowers and gifts to brighten the home and garden.

Husband and wife team Lucie and David met at RHS Wisley in Surrey in 2011 where they both worked, they are now utilising their 20 years of combined experience to realise a dream of an artistic vision for plants in your home and garden.

If you think that your garden could be so much better but aren’t sure where to start, let’s meet up. Before we suggest anything, we’ll get to know what YOU want to do with your space and HOW you will be using it.

Whether it’s a total redesign, a smarter way to plant up what you already have, ongoing maintenance or a seasonal tidy up we can help.

Whatever the size of your garden or its current condition, you’ll be amazed at what it could become. At Artisan Gardeners we work with you to create a personal vision of how your garden could work for you.

We believe that your garden should be a reflection of your personality, as well as fitting in with your lifestyle. Why have a garden that you don’t have time to enjoy? Why have a garden that has plants that are too complex to water and maintain? Why create a space that you don’t want to spend time in all year round?

A young family has very different requirements of their garden to a retired couple. A busy single professional is likely to want to minimise the amount of time they need to spend maintaining the garden.  Somebody with more time on their hands who enjoys gardening as a hobby may welcome a more complex garden that requires a lot of maintenance.

Everybody is different and has different requirements, but the end result is the same. We all want a garden that we can enjoy spending time in and that will enhance our property. However, there are a million ways of creating that ‘perfect’ garden.

If you want to spend more time enjoying your garden & less time working in it, we can help.

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